Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection 10-Pack Brochure
Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection 10-Pack Brochure

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The Pinnacle of Rejuvenated Beauty – Empowers Skin to Act Up to 15 Years Younger

This beautiful, full-color, trilingual brochure introduces the next generation of luxury skincare: the Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection. This extraordinary collection is the culmination of high-performance anti-aging formulas specifically designed to rejuvenate the face, neck, and eye area. Your complexion appears energized, healthy looking, and youthful.

This brochure is full of insightful information about the Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection and is an effective tool to introduce your customers to your luxury anti-aging skincare business. It’s ideal for sharing with customers and downlines, or handing out at events. Use it in conjunction with, or in place of, the technology video to tell the story of the Artistry Supreme LX™ patented technologies and rare, exclusive ingredients.

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